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YouVox®  announces the official launch on 20 November 2006 in France of its online user-generated webzines portal at The first  thematic is ‘YouVox Tech’ providing more than 300 articles on the latest information technologies, medias and Internet at


Another thematic ‘YouVox Motors’ covering cars and motorbikes will follow shortly.


YouVox® s goal is dual. Firstly, to allow users, bloggers or not, to highlight their talents by publishing specific contents (texts, images and videos) for targeted audiences. Secondly, to guarantee readers a consistent style with clear and regular content.


Each topic is managed by two or three YouVox Team Members who guarantee an editorial style and coordinate usual and occasional contributors.


To recap, YouVox is a user-generated editorial platform where everyone can find what they’re looking for : get news and react to articles, publish regularly or occasionally, and even getting more involved by leading a webzine.


Each webzine targets a community and highlights its members’ talents.


YouVox will be improved according to users’ feedback on topics and portal features.


This project supports the idea that Internet is changing the way medias make money. News is available in a variety of mediums, and free access to information is the norm, so media business models are shifting. On the Net, revenue from ads is far from matching the printed press. YouVox takes these factors into account to ensure its viability.


The YouVox Team Members will be involved in the success of their webzine. The model is flexible, it allows them to express their talents alongside their current job, and possibly go full-time if the webzine hits a big audience.


The YouVox model has been developed to encourage replication in countries with strong Internet growth and where blogging is widespread.


YouVox is designed by media and Internet professionals working in big French and international companies.


Christian Jegourel, editor of Edgeminded blog on medias and Internet, has been in marketing and business development for 15 years, where he’s managed profit centers for European and North American companies in magazines, news papers and Internet areas. He is also co-founder of a CRM services company.


Laurent Esposito is the editor of a blog dedicated to TV 2.0, and worked for 9 years in Television as a journalist, producer and programmer. For more than 6 years he has been in charge of marketing and business development in New Medias on an international level.


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YouVox is a registered mark in France and other  countries